On letting go and coming back

I have been musing ever since our hosting site told us they were switching blog platforms. In a blink of an eye, our blog was slated to disappear. The dynamic Two Peds in a Pod community would be plunged into silence. At first, disbelief gave away to intrigue. Was this a sign to change personal […]

Father’s Day 2014: real words from real dads

This year we asked our dad readers to help us write our Father’s Day post. They completed this thought: “Before I became a dad, I never thought I’d…” …Learn to curl hair for cheerleading competitions   …BE RESPONSIBLE   …Become a stay at home dad AND love it so much after everything I’ve been through!! […]

Pediatric photo puzzler: What caused this skin discoloration?

Every child with a lemonade stand hopes for hot sunny days to drive in customers. But if your kids squeeze fresh lemons for their stand, make sure they wash their hands after squeezing the lemons. Otherwise, after a sunny day, your child’s hands may turn out looking like the kid’s feet pictured to the left. […]

Sunscreens and sunburns: your burning questions answered

  Just in time for Field Day and pool openings, today we provide sunburn protection information.  Hot! Pictured is a kid with a second degree burn. No, this burn wasn’t caused by hot water or by touching the stove, but by the sun. A sunburn is still a burn, even if it was caused by sunlight. Treat […]

Until I became a mother I never thought…

Until I became a mother I never thought… I’d care if a birthday party was cancelled I’d obsess about bowel movements and gas I’d remember to reapply sunscreen I’d bake zucchini muffins and count them as a vegetable serving I’d wipe someone else’s nose I’d relearn my most dreaded school subject in order to help […]